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Michael Dieckhoff, Director of Agronomy
Whispering Pines Golf Club - Trinity, Texas
Dallas Morning News' #1 Golf Course in Texas: 2021, 2022 & 2023

"We have had Bunker Solution liners for over 3 years.  The Bunker Solution bunker lining system is head and shoulders above any other liner we have used in the 20 years I have been here.  It allows for minimal sand on the faces, and we haven’t had a rip or tear yet.  Contamination is no longer an issue because the bunker lip is sealed as well.  This liner will definitely extend the life of our bunkers. I am a big fan."

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Rob Collins, Golf Course Superintendent
Paradise Valley Country Club

"Bunker Solutions has solved wetness problems in our bunkers. You wouldn’t expect wet bunkers in the desert, but with frequent irrigation events, our bunkers are watered often. Our old liners perched water above a porous layer that resulted in wet playing conditions. Algae growth was unavoidable during summer months resulting in organic build up and even firmer conditions. Exposing the drain tile to the bunker sand is the key to dryer sand and free drainage. And bunker faces are very manageable to prevent plugged lies."

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Kevin Bednarik, Golf Course Superintendent
The Clubs at Houston Oaks

“I was lucky to inherit the Bunker Solution bunker lining system that was installed 5 years before I started at The Clubs at Houston Oaks. The bunkers have seen multiple heavy rain events during that time and still perform as if they were just installed. I have minimal to zero sand movement on high faced bunkers and rarely see any contamination in the sand. The performance is better than I expected, and they have shown no signs of aging to date. Bunker maintenance is frustrating enough as a Golf Course Superintendent and with this liner it allows me to focus on other areas of the golf course after weather events.”

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Scott Terry, Golf Course Superintendent
Pine Forest Country Club - Houston, Texas

“This is my second time to use the Bunker Solution bunker lining system in Houston, Texas.  With 60” of rainfall a year, I find that my bunkers are usually the driest area of the course.  The labor savings are incalculable, as we normally have 27 holes of bunkers raked and repaired before lunch after most substantial rain events.”

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James D. Brown, PGA Golf Professional The Clubs At Houston Oaks - Hockley, Texas

“As a PGA Golf Professional that has been through two bunker renovations at two different facilities where the Bunker Solution bunker liner was installed, and now currently working at the third facility that has the Bunker Solution liner, I can attest, that there is no other bunker lining product on the market that compares.  All facilities that battle keeping sand on bunker faces and battle labor issues after substantial rain events, should seriously consider the Bunker Solution bunker lining system for your next renovation.  It is the only liner that holds sand in place, does not break, crack, snag or damage equipment, and the turf type material can be played from by your golfers when those high traffic areas get a little thin.  Bunker Solution…is the only way to go!”

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Chris Ortmeier, Director of Agronomy Champions Golf Club - Houston, Texas

“I’ve been fortunate to have installed the Bunker Solution bunker lining system at all four courses that I’ve worked with over my 18-year career. Lantana Country Club in 2006, Colonial Country Club in 2010, Champions Golf Club - Cypress Creek Course in 2018, and Champions Golf Club - Jackrabbit Course in 2020, and the liner has NEVER let me down. From hosting the 2020 US Women's Open, PGA Tour events and USGA National Championships, to enduring the flooding rains we often experience in Houston Texas, there is no other bunker liner that I know of that will perform better and longer than Bunker Solution.”

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Nathan Neumann, Golf Course Superintendent
Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club - Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

”The Bunker Solutions system is simply the best performing bunker liner on the market. When I arrived at Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club five years ago, the bunkers had previously been installed with the Bunker Solutions liner and were performing great.  In 2019, the club completed a total renovation and restoration of the golf course. It was a very easy decision for us to install the Bunker Solution liner for the second time during the project. With the many weather extremes that happen in Oklahoma, we have to have bunkers that function. The overall performance and playability are second to none.”

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Seth Smith, Golf Course Superintendent
Corpus Christi Country Club - Corpus Christi, Texas

“During the planning process of the golf course renovation, bunker quality was at the forefront of the discussion. The membership needed bunkers that would provide superior conditions day in and day out. The Bunker Solution liner has quickly proved its value, virtually eliminating washouts and keeping the sand free of contamination. The durability of Bunker Solution has maximized the useful life of the bunkers, while providing the best ROI for the membership.”
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