Bunker Solution is a three-part liner that answers many of the commonly occurring bunker problems.

The three parts are the


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The Bunker Solution Main Mat Liner comes in 7.6' x 50' rolls and has a heavy duty backing with a "grain" to the stiff fibers. The rolls of the main mat are laid on the floors with the grain direction going towards the target and upward on all the slopes. The upward "grain" on the slopes holds the sand in place extremely well, even with minimal sand. With minimal sand on the bunker faces, the potential for any golf balls to plug are greatly reduced.

Lip Anchor

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Our Lip Anchor is turf root friendly. Allowing for root growth through the fabric, while protecting the bunker edges and keeping contaminants from washing into the bunker.

Drain Liner

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Not all Drain Liners are made the same. Bunker Solution supplies the highest quality drain liner to increase the efficiency of the drain system. Channeling water away from the surface eliminates any perched water table issues. (Wet bunker floors)

Once installed, the system

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  • Provides “grip” for sand in the bottom bunkers and on bunker faces
  • Sand slump is minimized after weather events
  • Gravel is not required
  • No migration of stones onto playing surfaces
  • Mat provides membrane between substrate and bunker sands
  • Reduces contamination and extends life of sand

The Bunker Solution system is designed to provide a long-term answer to the problems associated with bunker maintenance.  Bunker Solution is installed throughout the excavated bunker and incorporates a ditch liner, a perimeter lip liner / anchor, and a mat that holds sand – even on steep faces.

The Bunker Solution system is produced using the highest quality, U.S. sourced material available.  The use of these quality materials allows us to offer the best warranty in the bunker lining industry -- a fifteen-year manufacturer’s repair / replacement warranty on the Bunker Solution mat.
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Bunker Solution: Developed by a Superintendent for the Superintendent
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